Mustaghees Butt

Full Stack Web Designer & Developer, Software Developer, Artist and an Author.

A Little More About Me

Areas of Interest

The Incompleteness Theorem, Graph Theory, A.I. (Neural Networks, to be more precise), any cutting-edge technology, molecular biology, Arts & Animation.

Books On My Shelf

I'm mostly interested in technology, science, and business related books including the likes of The Art of Computer Programming, Zero to One and The Nature of Code. To see my complete shelf, visit my Goodreads profile.

Preferred Text Editors

When coding, I mostly use Visual Studio and Sublime Text with Vim.

Favorite Quotes

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity — Sun Tzu, Art of War
True art is sublime! True art . . . IS AN EXPLOSION! — Deidara, Naruto Shippuden

My Works

Check out the stuff I've been working on . . .


A personal project of mine. Aimed at solving the problems of students in Pakistan.

Travelling Sales Person

As part of my research on P vs NP and the complexity theory.


An image manipulation I did in my free time.

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